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How much you have to make to file taxes.
Not everyone has to file a tax return. It depends on your age, tax filing status, how much income you earn, and where that income comes from. If you have very little income, chances are you don’t need to file.
Student Loans for Green Card Holders
Green card holders in the United States are generally eligible to apply for federal student loans. As a green card holder, you are considered a permanent resident and have similar rights and privileges as U.S. citizens when it comes to accessing federal financial aid for education. Here's some information about student loans for green card holders:
F-1 to Green Card, Everything You Need to Know
Transitioning from an F-1 student visa to a green card (permanent residency) in the United States is a significant step that allows you to pursue long-term opportunities in the country. Here's an overview of the process and key information you need to know:
Tax & Accounting Services
We are a professional tax, accounting, and immigration services firm dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance to individuals and businesses. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering high-quality services and personalized solutions to meet our clients' specific needs.
Helpful and informative blog
We are delighted to offer a helpful and informative blog specifically designed to assist new immigrants like yourself. Our blog covers a wide range of topics relevant to your immigration journey, providing guidance, tips, and valuable information to help you settle into your new home. Here's what you can expect from our blog: